Gifts that every teacher needs

Teacher Gifts

Gifts that every teacher needs

Over the years, the average teacher will receive a significant number of weird and wonderful gifts. Rarely will they be given an apple, though they might be offered a few dodgy baked cakes from the grubby fingers and expectant faces of students who eagerly wait for their teacher to munch on the suspect product. Teachers appreciate every gesture of kindness, but with the ending of the summer term fast approaching, what is the best gift?

How to get a gold star with the best gift

All teachers will show some appreciation for whatever gift-wrapped item is offered. But how can a gift be guaranteed to retain a place in the teacher’s heart and pigeonhole, and not left gathering dust on the staff room table over the holidays?

The ubiquitous mug

No one can go far wrong with a mug. Teachers love hot drinks, especially coffee. This is the drink that helps sustain their stamina through even the most truculent of classes. However, the best mugs are the personalised ones. Why? Because staffrooms are notoriously light-fingered places when it comes to mugs and a desperate need for caffeine. It is harder to walk away with the mug that clearly declares ‘Ms Anderson is AWESOME’ when you are Mr Gough and decidedly grumpy.

In addition, every time a teacher reaches for their personalised gift mug, which in any one day will be often, they will smile at the memory of the gift giver. They may even approach the class with a cheerful heart and a grin, much to the relief of every student. That is the power of the mug gift.

Marking bags

There are alternative gifts to mugs. Every teacher grumbles at the prospect of marking. How can this daily chore become just a little lighter? What about a personalised marking bag? The marking will still be there but it will be packaged in a beautifully designed canvas bag. Somehow, this makes the whole onerous task feel easier.

Time for lunch

On the topic of bags, a personalised lunch bag is another ideal gift. Even teachers have to eat, and between a long commute and working day, tucking into a packed lunch is often a welcome break. This teacher gift is certain to delight and can help keep their lunch safely away from the hands of other ravenous teachers in the staff room fridge!

The best gift of all

Most teachers cherish and value the handmade gift. When a child has drawn or painted a picture or written a poem or a thank you letter, a teacher’s heart will be touched. Most students love this expression of their creativity and appreciation. It is the best reward for a teacher. There is something so wonderfully honest and sincere about the words and pictures created by a child that will touch even the strictest teacher. The greatest part of the homemade gift is that it can be put onto mugs, marking bags and lunch bags making a gift both special and unique.

Finally, there is no such thing as a bad gift from a student. No teacher expects a gift, especially in an economically diverse job, and any gesture of appreciation will make a teacher’s day.

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