Calling all students! Get a gift that your teacher will love

Teacher Gifts

Calling all students! Get a gift that your teacher will love

The end of the school year is quickly approaching, with teachers across the country looking forward to their well-deserved summer holidays. Teachers put so much hard work into their pupils’ education and well-being that they deserve a thoughtful, personalised gift.

A personalised gift will hold more sentimental value than a quick gift bought from the supermarket, it will show how much they are appreciated for their hard work and dedication. As experts in offering gifts for teachers we have compiled this list of the top gift ideas.

1) Wall art

Creating a personalised piece of wall art is an ideal gift for a teacher, as it can serve as a memory for many years to come. It offers flexibility, so the teacher can choose whether to display it within the classroom to brighten their day or position it proudly in their home. A great idea is to include the names of the students within your class, such as these ‘Helping us Grow’ images

2) School supplies

If you are looking for a useful gift, personalised stationery could be the perfect present. If there is one thing teachers love, it’s brand-new stationery! Teachers are always looking for ways to stay organised in their busy roles, so notepads are a thoughtful gift which they will definitely appreciate. Why not pick one in their favourite colour and personalise with their name, like these stunning designs. Another option is to send a personalised pen pot, which will keep desks tidy and bring the teacher a smile throughout the day.

3) Travel mugs

Teaching is such a hard job with its long days, that most teachers rely on their coffee! A reusable personalised travel mug is a gift which teachers will love, as it is both useful and environmentally-friendly. There are so many design options to choose from, that you are sure to find a style that matches the teacher’s personality.

4) Tote bags

Everyone knows how much work teachers need to put into planning classes and marking homework in the evenings, so why not make the task a little bit easier with a personalised tote bag. A durable, spacious and personalised bag will be perfect for carrying students’ work and books. These great designs are bags which all teachers will be proud to carry.

5) Soft toys

Who doesn’t love a cute soft toy! If you are a parent looking for a gift which both the teacher and their young students will love, a soft toy is ideal. A personalised teddy bear is a gift your young child will love to give and will act as a great reminder of the fun times they shared.

Whatever gift you choose you can be sure the teacher will be over the moon to know just how much you appreciate all their time and effort throughout the year. If you are looking for more teacher gift inspiration give us a call, we are always happy to help.

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