Why we love personalised gifts – and why you should too!

Why we love personalised gifts – and why you should too!

Finding the perfect gift can be really hard work. You want something that’s unique, thoughtful, and just as special as the person you’re gifting it to, yet everything you see on the high street is super generic and same-y, right?

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that we might just have the solution. If chocolates, a strawberry-scented shower gel set and slightly wilted flowers aren’t cutting it anymore, how about going for something personalised instead?

Chosen with that lucky someone in mind, and very obviously made for them and no one else, one-of-a-kind presents can be just the ticket when you’re out of ideas. Not convinced? Then let us bring you round to our way of thinking…

1: Personalised gifts show that you’ve put some real thought into choosing them

The best gifts are the ones that you can tell someone has put a lot of thought into, and nothing says ‘chosen for you’ like a personalised gift. Proving straight off the bat that your present wasn’t some last-minute panic buy when you couldn’t think of anything better, gifts like this show that some seriously careful consideration went into their selection.

2: They show that you care

Leading on from our number-one reason for why personalised gifts are superior to every other type is this one: they really help to show how much you care. Anything that someone is willing to put so much thought and effort into is indefatigable proof of the esteem they hold the recipient in, so whether you have a significant other that you’re hoping to impress, a grandparent that you want to thank for their amazing babysitting skills, or a teacher you wish to repay for educating your little one so well, demonstrate their worth in the sweetest way possible.

3: You can choose something they’ll really love

We know that some people find it hard to pick presents, especially when the person they want to give it to is known for being a bit fussy, but everyone loves a personalised gift, and buying one offers an ideal opportunity to find something they’ll really appreciate. Giving you the chance to choose a design, colour scheme, and even to add their name or a special message, you can purchase something that’s been made with them and nobody else in mind. To us, that sounds like the perfect recipe for finding something they’ll love!

4: You can make sure that their gift is instantly identifiable

One of the big problems with buying a generic present for someone is how easy it is to misplace an ordinary mug, notebook, pen, or any other everyday item. In the chaos of a busy office or staffroom, it’s all too common for the wrong person to pick these things up, and for the lucky recipient to lose it forever. When these things are personalised, however, it just isn’t a problem anymore. Instantly identifiable, they’ll always find their way home, meaning that you know your gift will keep on giving long into the future.

So tell us again, what’s the best sort of present you can give someone? Well, that’s easy – a personalised one, of course!

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