Products you didn’t even know you could personalise… yes, we went there!

Products you didn’t even know you could personalise… yes, we went there!

Choosing a gift for someone can be a real pain. You can spend ages looking online for the right gift and come out feeling frustrated. How do you find the right present for your friend or loved one? What can you get them that is special and will show them how important they are? Personalised gifts are definitely the way to go! It is something that will be completely unique for them.

Many personalised gifts allow you to not only have the recipient’s name printed but also a personalised message as well! What better way to make someone feel like they’re appreciated? It’s something they will keep with them forever, not just throw in the trash like that tie their nan got them one Xmas. With this in mind let’s look at some products that you probably didn’t even realise could get the personalisation treatment:

Gifts For Him

1. Beer Bottles

Imagine being able to give your dad a beer bottle with his face on it! How cool would that be? You can also give it a label that says “Dad’s Beer” so everyone else knows no one’s allowed to touch it.

2. Champagne Bottles

If you want to get your loved one sloshed but with a little more class there is always personalised champagne. These are usually a bit pricier but well worth it to see the look on the recipient’s face. And hey, they may even share some of it with you!

3. Underwear

Oh boy, now things get interesting. Who wouldn’t want their boyfriend to wear pants with their face on it?! You could even have a message that says something like “Property of [insert name here]. Hands off!” Of course, you may have to shorten it depending on your partner’s size.

Gifts For Her

1. Sequin Cushions

All girls like a gift that has a bit of sparkle! That’s why these gorgeous cushions are an ideal choice. It’s something customised just for her that she can treasure forever.

2. Wine Boxes

You get real value for money with these boxes. It’s a fantastic present to begin with. Being able to personalise it as well is just the icing on the cake.

Gifts For Co-Workers

This one can be tricky. You want to give your colleague a personalised gift that is fun but not so rude that it gets you fired. For this reason, it’s best to stick with less provocative products. These can include:

1. Mugs

A tried and tested product. Nothing beats a personalised mug!

2. Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate and adding a personalised message will make it that little more special.

3. Footballs

If you have a sporty colleague this is an ideal choice.

Personalised Gift Occasions:

Baby Shower
Father’s Day
Get Well Soon
Mother’s Day
Secret Santa

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