The Gift of time: Providing Gifts for Wellbeing and Happiness

The Gift of time: Providing Gifts for Wellbeing and Happiness

As children, we were all told that it is much better to give than receive. There is also the well-known phrase, ‘money can’t buy you happiness.’ The good news is that both of these sentiments are very true.

Below we share the different ways in which you can give the gift of time, and how doing so can have a huge impact upon your own health and wellbeing, as well as those who receive the gift of time.

How you can give the gift of time?

There are so many ways that you can give the gift of time to your local community. You can volunteer for a local counselling service or befriending service. Get involved in a local gardening scheme or help out at a local shelter.

Mentoring is also a great way to give your time. Mentor younger colleagues at work, talk at a self-help group to share your knowledge and experience. Support your local charity by working alongside paid members of staff. Get out and about to advertise the good work that they do.

Gifts to help others make the most of their time

When giving a gift, it’s important to remember that it’s not all about the money you spend, but how the gift will be used. You can give the gift of time in so many ways. Book tokens allow the recipient to have some much needed time out away from the worries of the world. A spa and relaxation day gives the individual time to unwind and de-stress, while booking a weekend break and offering to babysit will give a couple some much needed time alone, helping them to feel a great sense of happiness while improving mental health.

Mental health benefits for you

When you give the gift of time you reap so many health benefits. You create psychological changes within the body, that are incredibly positive and which in turn help to improve wellbeing. Giving any gift also has the added benefit of making us feel good while increasing our own self-esteem.

When we give our time, no matter what the cause, this promotes a sense of belonging that helps to reduce feelings of loneliness. It really helps us to keep things in perspective, to stand back and value life. Giving the gift of time has such a powerful and positive impact, in that the more we do for others helps us to do more for our own mental health.

Physical benefits of giving time

There are also many physical health benefits associated with giving the gift of time, all of which are linked to mental health and wellbeing. When we are content and happy, our stress levels are reduced, that then helps to reduce negative feelings. All of this has a positive impact on our heart, blood pressure and sleeping patterns. The good news is that the gift of time can help us live longer.

The gift of time really does make everyone feel happier while improving our sense of wellbeing.

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